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"Really patient and full of encouragement. Great guy to learn with. I passed first time. Definitely recommend!  Amy Bowden-Edge

"Passed 1st time with Rob. Genuinely nice guy, very patient. Would recommend him to everyone." - Joel Drummond

"Passed first time with rob! Really good instructor, definitely recommend!" - Claudia Emery

"Great instructor. Force with me was strong enough to help me past from a 3rd attempt. Going to miss having him in a car guiding me where to go." - Ricardas Pabreza

"A great instructor, very patient with his pupils and also very friendly indeed! passed my test first time with one minor would recommend anybody to jedi, thanks again rob for getting me back on the road" - Thomas David Geoghegan

Passed 1st time I would recommend Jedi driving to anyone very patient and very helpful with times was always on time to meet me never let me down top man" - Louise Colwill

"Passed my practical first time today with only 3 minor faults. Wouldn't have been able to do it without Robs relaxed, friendly and positive training. Simple little tips such as imagining traffic lights at roundabouts, less space-less pace, and plenty of others has helped me loads! Highly recommended! Thanks Rob " - Moya Ford



More testimonials from ages past


Passed first time today. Thanks to Rob! Excellent instructor :-)

Mike Surtees, Ilfracombe


"Passed first time today! Thanks again Rob , with help with my theory i passed first time, and then shocked myself today when I passed :) my practical first time ! :D highly recommended, really patient and makes you feel at ease . Used other driving instructors but changed to " Jedi " and it's safe to say he has the best teaching methods! 5*** rating"

Dan Jacques, Ilfracombe



"I learned to use the Force with Jedi Driver Training! Rob is an excellent teacher, he put me at my ease and really helped me gain confidence in driving. Thanks to Rob, I am a safe and confident driver. I recommend him to anyone who wants excellent driving tuition! Thank you, Rob!"

Lara Ryan, Ilfracombe


"Hi Rob, thank you so much for teaching me to drive - I passed 1st time! Couldn't have done it without you! You were a great Instructor - very patient, kind and you made sure I was at a competent level. 
Thank you so much! I would recommend you to anyone!"

Sarah Russell, Ilfracombe


"Rob is a patient and reassuring driving instructor thanks to him I passed first time, thank you Rob."

Robbie Coates, Ilfracombe


"'Rob is a brilliant driving instructor, thanks to him I passed my test first time, he has an enormous amount of patience and he puts you at ease and reassures you if you make a mistake. Thanks for everything Rob."

Ross Denyer, Berrynarbor


"Rob is a fantastic driving instructor, he puts you at ease, and made me feel calm and confident on the run up to my test, and with the fantastic help of rob, I passed 1st time, I highly recommend Jedi driver training to anyone, thanks rob, I cant thank you enough!"

Jacob Bowden, Ilfracombe


"Many thanks. A fantastic professional instructor. Would recommend to anyone, very patient and easy to get on with."

Ryan Vickery, Ilfracombe


"Thank you so much for being the best driving instructor I could ask for!"

Abbi Tanton, Ilfracombe


"Big thanks. A fantastic instructor, easy to get on with and would highly recommend to anyone."

Dion Martin, Ilfracombe


"Fantastic teacher, patient, professional, puts you at your ease as soon as you get in the car.  Want the best then Jedi is the one to choose.  Happy motoring."

Lorraine Dunn, Braunton


"Rob is a great driving instructor to go with, he has an enthusiastic attitude towards teaching and is always patient and helpful. He has a superb knowledge of driving which always helps! All in all Rob is very deserving of his slogan, he is truly a JEDI!"

Owen Prickett Treacy, Ilfracombe


"I would recommend JEDI Driver Training to anyone, Rob is fully qualified in Force Training and instructing Padawans, and he helped me straight from the beginning to use the Force to its fullest and finally achieve a pass. You should definitely go to him if your are in need of instruction."

Tom Elliot, Combe Martin


"Rob is incredibly friendly and very professional, he's also the most calming person I've ever met. At no point during my course did I feel nervous or uncomfortable. Everything is taught at a pace to suit you, so you never feel overwhelmed. His perfect instruction mixed with a great dollop of humour leave you looking forward to every lesson. Thanks to Rob I passed first time. I'll heartily recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent instructor."

Joe Howard, Ilfracombe


"Rob is an amazing driving instructor. He remains calm and friendly though out all my lessons. I was recommend Rob by my friends and am very please I took their advice. Rob made learning to drive enjoyable."

Chloe Holder, Braunton


"Rob, a very nice man who gives you every bit of confidence in your practical test it made me pass first time!! Always a man I would reccomend to anyone!!

Jordan Alcock, Ilfracombe


"I felt really confident learning with Rob, he was so enthusiastic and so motivating. He made things seem a lot easier and never put me down. I would recommend Jedi Driver Training to anyone wanting to learn how to drive, infact i already have! All i can say is, thank you Rob!"

Sarah Hubbard, lfracombe


"Due to Rob's excellent teaching skills I managed to pass my test first time. I just wanted to thank you for all the patience and encouragment throughout the whole process of learning to drive from start to finish. Rob always made me feel confident and positive in every lesson. I would recommend Jedi Driving to anyone learning to drive, I don't think you could find anyone more patience and encouraging. Thank you again Rob!"

Amy Saunders


"Rob, Thank you millions for finally getting me through my driving test. I had previously failed (with someone else) and hadn't had lessons for a long time but after just a few lessons with you I felt as if I was completely ready for it. Would recommend you to everyone, not only did you get me through my test when I was extremely nervous but you have made me feel like a safe and confident driver now I am on the roads. Excellent teaching skills, easy to get on with and an all round star!! Thank you!!! :-)"

Emma Jones, Ilfracombe


"I had already failed 1 driving test with a different driving school when I started lessons with rob and was very low in confidence. But he's a great teacher who fills you with confidence and prepares you thoroughly for every aspect of the test. He is very professional and not only teaches you how to pass the test, but also how to stay safe when on the road yourself. Thanks Rob!!"

Dan Moore, Ilfracombe


Passing with Rob was easy and fun, teaching you not only how to pass your test, but to drive afterwards as well!
I passed first time after only about 5 months!
Thank you Rob!"

Andy Roberts, Combe Martin


"Eventhough I had failed my first test in August 2008, and I did not continue lessons until June 2009, Rob immediately got me back on track, within a couple of months i was able to take my second test, and with Rob\'s patient and effective teaching I passed. Thankyou JEDI"

Jenny Childs, Ilfracombe


"I felt really confident learning with Rob, he was so enthusiastic and so motivating. He made things seem a lot easier and never put me down. I would recommend Jedi Driver Training to anyone wanting to learn how to drive, infact i already have! All i can say is, thank you Rob!"

Rebekah Hester


"I would just like to say thank you for teaching me to drive and helping me to pass my test first time.  I was a very nervous beginner, but you soon got me over my nerves and gave me the confidence to feel comfortable driving"

Charlotte Ross, Ilfracombe


"Rob I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and encouragement during the past few months. Your patience and knowledge helped me to gain the confidence I needed in preparation for my test, which I passed first time thanks to you. Your excellent teaching skills and kind manner put me at ease. If you are looking for a driving instructor look no further, as Rob is your man, I would highly recommend Rob to family and friends. Thanks again Rob for everthing !!"

Kaz Draper, Ilfracombe


"Thank you Rob for teaching me to drive and making it possible for me to pass my practical first time. I recommend Rob to anyone learning to drive because he helps you to develop more confidence and makes it possible for you to overcome challenges"

Dominic Boxhall, Ilfracombe


"Hiya, just 2 say a big thank you 4 helping me pass my test 2nd time round and with only like 12 lesson u are great i would reccommend you 2 any1"

Clare Saunders, Braunton

"Thanks to Rob I've just passed my test at the first attempt just like my brothers before me. I was really nervous at the thought of driving but Rob put me at ease striaght away and lessons became fun as well as instructive. We have always recommended Rob to anyone learning to drive - he's the best there is!"

Kim Ford, Ilfracombe


"Rob's testimonials from young drivers speak for themselves. I can tell you he is equally as excellent with mature students. He overcame a lifetime's dread of driving to get me through. Moreover he did it with patience, integrity and unflappable good humour. I can't recommend him highly enough. He really is a JEDI"

Chris Baker, Combe Martin

"Thankyou Rob for helping me pass my practical test first time, your methods helped me to gain the skills i need to be a safe and confident driver. Thanks again for your patience! Definatly my choice to return to do pass plus"

Paige Prideaux, Ilfracombe

"Rob thank you so much over the past few months with helping me pass my test its been unbelievable, if anyone needs a instructor i would recommend rob woolmer with his black JEDI mini!"

Neil Bubyer, Ilfracombe

"Just wanted to say a big thank you rob, for all the help you gave me. Luckily i'd seen you on the internet. My last instructor would only let me go in first gear for the whole of the 1st lesson but you trusted me to drive to barnstaple! Thanks alot once again for getting me to pass first time within a month and half"

Simon Pearson, Ilfracombe

"I would highly recommend JEDI Driving School for those wondering about who to learn with.  I knew nothing at all about driving when I started and three months later I'd passed my driving test.  Rob, I found, has a very calm and friendly manner and clear knowledge about driving.  However, knowing how to do something and being able to communicate this to other people are very different things and I found that Rob's ability to help cement the different aspects of driving in my head in a way that I totally understood was brilliant."

Ed Wright, Georgeham

"Thank you so much for your excellent teaching of Ed since August.  We are all delighted with his success yesterday.  Sadly for you we have 2 other teenage boys, and will definitely come back to you again!"

Ruth Wright, Georgeham

"Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for all your patience and hard work in making me a safe driver, at one point I was very close in giving up but you provided me with the support I needed to pass and I would recommend you to anyone, thanks again!"

Sarah Adams, Ilfracombe

"Its thanks to Jedi driving school that I passed 1st time and now feel comfortable on the road. Rob was not my 1st driving instructor, but I chose to stay with him because his capacity to teach was so much higher than any of the other instructors I had met in the area. He is relaxed, patient and supportive, but also a tireless perfectionist! He has the ability to teach you every little trick without overwhelming you a true Jedi power! Thank you Rob, for putting up with me, I shall miss your jokes and star wars references!"

Rosie Amato, Ilfracombe


"Hey Rob, thanks so much for all the help in teaching me to drive. And getting me a pass first time! You\'re a great instructor and I always felt relaxed and at ease driving."

Tom Wordley, Ilfracombe


"Rob always made every effort to ensure that I was at ease and able to relax to learn more effectively. When I started out I was making so many silly mistakes and felt very nervous. Rob has helped me to develop much more confidence, he has given me lots of tips and ideas how to successfully complete manoeuvres and deal with situations I found difficult. I would highly recommend him and his fantastic car which was great to drive."

Julia Dillon, Ilfracombe


"Rob was very patient and i felt confident when driving with him. I also felt very prepared and confident for my driving. And I passed first time. I would highly recommend him."

Gemma Knill, Ilfracombe


"During my lessons, Rob was extremely patient and pleasant to learn with; I only had eleven lessons and passed first time. Rob also helps you to feel confident in every area of driving in time for your test. I can highly recommend him"

Olivia Mitchell, Knowle


"Hi Rob, thank you so much for your help  and patience over the last 6 months. I never thought I'd pass first time, so thank you. Best wishes"

Katrina Brown, Ilfracombe


"Before rob i was driving with another instructor and i was going no where, i was doing silly trips round lake and tawstock, learning nothing and wasting cash, then i changed to rob and omg he taught me a new way of driving new pointers for parallel parking, reverse round corners (which work perfect each time) and within 2 months i passed...cheers"

Glyn Roberts, Barnstaple


"Rob is a professional with a capital P! His teaching qualities are second to none and he has the greatest of patience. Rob has made me feel totally at ease and relaxed which has helped to overcome my anxieties. He boosts your confidence and makes you believe you can overcome any challenges ahead in your quest to drive"

Philippa Halls, Ilfracombe


"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rob. He made the lessons feel relaxed and was very patient. I was able to have 2 hour driving lessons which meant I could drive for longer and pick up the necessary skills I would need to become a qualified driver more quickly. Because of this I was able to pass my test first time, so thank you so much Rob and good luck with everything in the future."

Zara Spears, Barnstaple


"Being a nervous learner driver, Rob put me at ease from the 1st time I sat behind the wheel right through to my driving test"

Nat Gravel, Barnstaple


"After just over 20 hours of lessons, under the advisement of Rob I took my test and managed to pass first time. He makes driving and the manoeuvres easy to understand and I would recommend him to anyone starting to learn"

Matthew Trawin, Barnstaple

"I would recommend Rob to anyone considering driving lessons. He has enabled me to drive safely and with confidence. His clear and relaxed teaching manner made my lessons enjoyable and stress free"

James Holtom, Paracombe


"Ever since starting my lessons I improved my skills. This helped me pass first time! Woo! I moved onto pass plus which developed my skills further, this has made me more confident."

Kelsey Watts, Barnstaple


"Ralaxin instructor. Thorough n helpful for both practical and theory test"

Laura Preest, Barnstaple


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