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How to share your driving licence details - Needed before first lesson


Since the 8th June 2015 the paper counterpart no longer exits. The paper counter part used to hold information about any endorsements and driving bans. All driving instructors are required to check your licence before you can drive their car. This is simple to do and the information below will provide you with all you need to know.

Option 1 - Prior to your first driving lesson Printed information about your licence

1. You MUST have your provisional driving licence, national insurance number and postcode with you to use the online licence checking system.

2. Go to

3. Read the instructions and click ‘View now’

4. Enter your:- Driving licence number, National insurance number, Postcode that is on the driving licence


5. You can now:- View your details,View Vehicles you can drive, View Penalties and disqualifications, Share your licence information

5. Now click on ‘view, print or save your licence information’. You will get a screen that looks like the one below which you can print off and give to your instructor on your first lesson.

Remember—You must still bring your provisional licence with you to your first lesson.


Option 2 - Sharing your licence information online with your instructor

1. Alternatively you can share your licence information with your instructor online.

2. Click on ‘share licence information’

3. Then ‘Create a code’

4. Once the code has been created you need to give this to your instructor with the last 8 digits of your provisional driving licence number.

5. Your instructor can then login to the DVLA website and see information about your licence. This is the only information they can see about you.

6. This code will only last for 21 days so make sure you send the information to your instructor as soon as possible.


Option 3 - Using the DVLA’s phone licence checking service

1. If using the internet is not possible and you or your instructor generate a code online, view or print out the licence information then you will need to call the DVLA on 0300 790 6801. 2.

DVLA will ask for your provisional driving licence information, address and date of birth.

3. Give the DVLA the name of your driving instructor and permission for that named person to check your driving licence details.

4. You will need to give your instructor * your full name as it appears on your licence * your address including postcode * your date of birth

5. Your driving instructor will then call the DVLA to confirm details of your licence.

6. The permission will remain with the DVLA for 7 days