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Safety Questions Nissan Leaf

Show Me/Tell Me Safety Questions:-

At the start of your practical test the examiner will ask

2 of the following 'safety questions'. Some of them involve the following:-


Opening the Bonnet:-

Internal bonnet release catch



External bonnet release catch



Bonnet stay



Under the bonnet:-

Brake fluid - Yellow looking bottle to the left back of engine bay. Keep between the Min / Max marks


Screen wash:- Grey round cap at front left of engine bay. Has to be checked visually


Coolant Water:- Bluish coloured water. Should be between the Min / Max marks


To operate electrical items such as the screen wash, lights and demisters you will need to get the electrics of the car turned on thus:-


Headlights, taillights and fog lights:- At end of left stalk. Off, Auto Dipped Headlights, Parking Lights (not for driving), Manual Dipped headlights. Inner ring = Fog Lights - Front, Front and Rear


Demisters:- Top curved button = front demister and bottom rectangular button = rear demister


Screenwash:- To operate pull this stalk towards you. For rear wash wipe push the same stalk away from you.