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Pre 17 Course

Not yet 17? Not to worry! You can still learn to drive on a unique purpose built practice road training complex in a safe and controlled environment with the JEDI Driver Training Pre 17 course. As long as you are at least 16 years old (you don't need a drivers licence!) you can take the course either as a small group of up to 3 or individually. All pupils are fully insured.

This really is a great way to start your driving, controlling the car from moving off through to your manoeuvres before you drive on the public highway. Start your driving in a controlled environment and be safe with your Instructor with you all the way.

The course takes the whole day in the following structure:-

1. Instructor drives to the Exeter circuit (including lots of tips & theory training fun on the way!)

2. Pupil has 3 - 4 hours training on circuit (with a lunch break). If more than one pupil then time is shared

3. Instructor drives back

The Course
The road is 1.3 km long, it has gradients for hill start and clutch control, a traffic light controlled junction, stop and give way junctions, pelican and zebra crossings, a mini roundabout and it even has reversing bays to start your manoeuvres.

Circuit Opening Times
Circuit open 9am to 5pm - Monday to Saturday (excluding Bank Holidays).

Course Price
The course costs 150
. However if you go as a group of up to 3 then the price is shared.

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It might not be quite as off road as this!