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First Steps

Legal Requirements

In order to drive on the road 'proper' you must be at least 17 years old and hold a valid provisional driving licence. You will be asked to produce your licence at your first lesson.

Before your first lesson you must share your licence details with your instructor. This is done securely on the GOV.UK website. The following link will guide you on how to do this:- Share Your Licence Details

You must also be able to read a car number plate (with glasses if you are required to wear them for driving) from 20.5 metres. We will ask you to do this at your first lesson.

Apply for first Provisional Licence

To apply online for your provisional licence follow the link below:- (opens in a new window) Provisional Licence

Once you have received your first licence you can start driving lessons with Rob at JEDI Driving Training! - You don't need to have passed or applied for your theory test - that can be done at a later stage.

The latest licence only has one part - the photocard which also acts as an official form of ID. Take car of it!

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