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Here is some technical details for those interested in such stuff! Otherwise just look at the photo's:-

BMW Mini Cooper D with the latest very smooth BMW twin turbo 1.5 litre diesel engine with Air con, Power Steering, 6 Speed Manual gearbox. 116 BHP and 270Nm of torque. It has a low 92g/km CO2 making this car one of the less CO2 polluting cars. There's also ABS, Electronic Braking Distribution, Automatic Stability Control, Traction Control, Corner Brake Control, 6 Airbags.


Nissan Leaf with a larger 30KwH battery pack this zero CO2 (or any other emission) car has a range of 155 miles. Using much safer technology than mobile phones - the battery is an air-cooled stacked laminated lithium ion manganese oxide pack. It gets fully recycled after the cars life is at an end and doesn't get put into landfill (as some have claimed!).

The synchronous and brushless AC electric motor is about the size of a football but is rated at up to 90Kw (120 hp) - however, an electric motor has 100% of it's torque available immediately  from 0MPH meaning that with it's 280Nm of torque it can take off at traffic lights surprisingly quickly but never with any worry about it stalling - there's no engine to stall anyway!

There's all the usual safety features plus the fact that it's completely silent and all the energy I use for it is sourced 100% from renewable power. It's classified as an automatic (so passing your test in this car means you can drive any automatic regardless of whether it's petrol / diesel / electric) and is very, very easy to drive. What sets this car apart though and makes it a joy to drive - not just for nervous pupils or those who don't like gears or clutches - but for anyone else too is because it's still a drivers car due to the fantastic torque of the electric motor and it's great handling as the battery pack is low down on the floor of the car to give a low centre of gravity. The best reason though is it's zero emissions credentials and much smaller impact on the environment than any petrol or diesel car.




Mini Cooper D 6 Speed Manual - Order '66'!





Nissan Leaf Zero Emission Automatic - Order '65'!